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Lite Brite is a rock trio from Sacramento, CA that matches their classic-meets-indie sound with arena rock attitude to turn out a unique character tinged with influences like Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Nirvana and Pavement. Lite Brite is epic, heavy, musical and an extremely good time.

Eddie and Matt Underwood, Lite Brite's guitarist / front man and drummer respectively, met bass player Robert Lander in high school and began building a catalog of songs. In 2008, after turning 21, Matt sent some of their recordings off to various song contests to see how they would be received. The band ended up winning the Konami Rock the Revolution Contest grand prize which was to have their song, "Big City," featured in the Rock Revolution video game as a playable title and a spread in Rolling Stone Magazine. While they were not able to accept the prize due to a technicality, this event was one in many that convinced the group to start rocking out professionally.

Despite only recently debuting on the local music scene, Lite Brite has quickly and independently produced a full-length record and an EP, completed a west-coast tour, appeared in and soundtracked an independant film and just wrapped their first music video. The Band's broad musical appeal and lengthy track record for bombastic stage presence are quickly making them the area's go-to group for larger bills with acts such as Middle Class Rut and Spinnerette, as well as helping to widen their west-coast fan base.

Lite Brite has recently decided to adopt a business model similar to that used by bands like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles in the sixties under which they will be releasing numerous singles in a short amount of time. These singles will be distributed cheaply online in order to reach the largest amount of people possible, and to achieve a very close and direct relationship with their audience. This model assumes a sweeping reversion to single-oriented music distribution based on shifts in consumer demand boosted by the popularity of one-off downloads and MP3 players.


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