Lite Brite

Singer Eddie Underwood was belting lyrics through his thick, dirty-blond hair that sprawled across the front of his face, flailing his arm to the ceiling and arching his body forward as a he played an arpeggiated guitar riff with his free hand. An exhibitionist? Maybe. Pretty bad ass? Definitely. Submerge Magazine

Lite Brite's music is aggressive, intense, melodic, heavy rock. During live performances Eddie Underwood leaps around on stage screaming lyrics at the top of his lungs while his feedback soaked, explosive fuzz rocketship guitar tone screams and pounds mesmerizing Zeppelin on steroids style riffs. Matt Underwood's bombastic drumming is a force to be reckoned with as he punishes his oversized Ludwig drums like Mike Tyson beating up a chihuahua. Joe Finocchio's bass playing ranges from raunchy as all hell to beautiful and melodic. As a whole the group puts out a wall of sound so big for three guys that it sounds more like four or five. Shortly after breaking onto the Sacramento scene Lite Brite embarked on three national tours supporting major label acts. Lite Brite spent 2014 recording it's first full length record set to release in early 2015.

The Entire performance was and adrenaline drenched bucket of awesome... you really REALLY need to see these guys live Capital Public Radio